22 Feb 2024

What We’re Going Over:

  • Devii Corp-talk Reschedule
  • Byte-le Server Reregister
  • GitHub Workshop: Week 3 Testing

What We Went Over:

  • Bank Account
    • $802.92
  • Devii Corp-talk Reschedule
    • Due to some events, Devii was not able to speak with us this week.
    • Will be rescheduling this corp-talk for the fall semester if possible.
  • Byte-le Server Reregister
    • Discussed reregistering the ACM Right computer to use for hosting Byte-le. If this occurs, the computer would be reserved for only board members.
    • We will, for now, keep using the linux lab for hosting Byte-le instead as of hosting it in the ACM room, as it is away from competitors and offers more space for development during the competition.
  • GitHub Workshop: Week 3 Testing
    • Tested the GitHub examples for the Workshop tomorrow.

Board TO DO:

  • Work on ACM merch
  • GitHub Workshop Videos
  • Connect with Full Stack Fargo

Upcoming Events

  • GitHub Workshops
    • Week 3: Github Desktop, Merge Conflicts, Repositories
      • February 23rd at 5:30pm in QBB104
  • February Game Night
    • February 23rd at 6:30pm in the ACM Room
  • Professor Spotlight: David Froslie
    • March 15th, 5:30pm in QBB104
  • ACM Election Night
    • March 25th, 5:30pm in QBB104