25 Jan 2024

What We’re Going Over:

  • Professor Talk Spotlight
  • ACM Merch
  • Room Upkeep
  • Changes in ACM Roles: Minister of Propaganda

What We Went Over:

  • Bank Account
    • $732.59
  • Professor Talk Spotlight
    • Will contact Mr. Froslie for holding a spotlight to talk about career experience
    • This will most likely occur in March
  • ACM Merch
    • Opening a google form for votes on ACM merch
    • Google form will be in next weekly announcement
  • Room Upkeep
    • CSO allocated ~$300 for room upkeep purchases through reimbursement
    • A power strip is not working properly in the ACM room, may get one donated
  • Changes in ACM Roles: Minister of Propaganda
    • May adjust the Minister of Propaganda role to a committee of people who can help with advertising

Board TO DO:

  • Look into one professor talk spotlight per year
  • Work on ACM merch

Upcoming Events

  • Byte-le Programming Competition - January 27th, starting 10am
  • FAST Corp-talk - February 5th, 5:30pm, QBB104
  • Github Workshops
    • Will be a three week event, taking place every Friday between February 9th - February 23rd at 5:30pm in QBB104