21 Nov 2022

What We’re Going Over:

  • To Dos
  • Weekly Meeting Response Form
  • Discord Bot
  • SIGs

What We Went Over:

  • Bank Account
    • $453.26
    • Low because of shirt order
  • Existing SIGs are filling out forms now
  • Add Apollo.js for Discord announcements
  • SIG Checkup
    • Alan might be doing SIG-Blender
    • GDev is doing well, 4-5 people
    • Functional is doing fine, lowish attendance
  • Weekly Meetings are going to be hosted in the ACM room again

Board TO DO:

  • Setup Apollo for announcements in Discord (John)
  • All former board members to former board chat (John)
  • Contact Alumni about hardware talk (Amanda)

Tabled for Next Meeting:

  • SIG Collab First Meeting Planning (Closer to next semester)
  • Advent of Code Leaderboard

Tabled for Next Semester:

  • Game Jam

Current Weekly Schedule Ideas

  • Weekly Meeting Topics
    • Sept 12th: Python Intro (Jean) (Hands-on)
    • Sept 19th: Git Intro (Sean) (Hands-on)
    • Sept 26th: Git Best Practices (Sean) (Hands-on)
    • Oct 3rd: Intro to IDEs (Jean and Amanda) (Hands-off/Hands-on)
    • Oct 10th: Javascript (Amanda)
    • Oct 17th: systemd (John) (Hands-off)
    • Oct 24th: SQL (Sean) (Hands-on)
    • Oct 31st: No meeting, Halloween Party
    • Nov 7th: Dependency Injection (Sean)
    • Nov 14th: ColdFusion (Amanda) (Hands-off)
    • Nov 21st: Machine Learning (Mitchell)
    • Nov 28th: C# (Jean) (Hands-on)
  • Other topics for Spring
    • Machine Learning
    • Vue.js
    • APIs(Flask)
    • NoSQL
    • Latex
    • AWS
    • C#
    • Make a form for it
    • Clean Code (Book)
    • Steal topics from Hack Club?
    • Could we repeat topics in more depth?