09 Apr 2020

What We’re Going Over:

  • Byte-le Royale
  • Transition Updates

What We Went Over:

  • All members added to the github and nationally registered
  • Nick has turned in his keys
  • Reimbursement checks collected
  • Transition
    • Emails transferred, forwarding now working
    • Bank Account needs to be transferred
    • Sam’s Club membership needs to be transferred
  • Board will be building Byte-le Royale
    • New Discord server has been created
    • Recruitment open for up to three additional people
  • Discussion ongoing as to whether Byte-le will be a seminar
    • Gauging interest
    • Preferable for it to remain primarily ACM led
  • Bank Account - $361.30

To Accomplish By Next Meeting:

  • Contact Dr. Denton
  • Contact Sam’s Club to transfer membership
  • Look into transferring bank accounts
  • Send out reimbursements

Next Meeting:

  • Byte-le Royale recruitment
  • Reimbursements