26 Nov 2019

What We’re Going Over:

  • Rasp Pi
  • National Membership
  • National Annual Report Issue
  • Reimbursements

    What We Went Over:

  • National Membership
    • Nick is working on it
    • Going to add people who come through fairly often
  • National Annual Report
    • Nick also working on it
  • Reimbursements
    • Concerned that we don’t have the money yet
    • Nick planning on talking to our contact in Student Government
  • Rasp Pi
    • We’re currently waiting on RecalBox to support the Pi 4
    • The RB devs are very aware that people are waiting on them to support it
  • Bank Account: $1132.03

To Accomplish By Next Meeting:

  • National Memberships
  • Annual Report Issue Resolution
  • Contact someone about reimbursements

    Next Meeting:

  • National ACM Stuff Again
  • Reimbursements.