24 Jul 2018

What We’re Going Over:

  • Updates
  • Mailing lists

What We Went Over:

  • Annual Report is done
  • New GPUs coming out soon, so we will wait until the year starts before we make an effort to get 1080s or the new ones
    • Our old GPUs order has probably dropped sometime along the way, so we’ll just wait
  • Surplus took our six computers
  • No updates on moving rooms
  • We will start recruiting members a lot earlier than usual because we don’t have much time before our kickstart meeting or Mechmania soon after
    • We are going class to class to recruit
    • Our kickstart meeting is August 30
    • we need to send in our attending list for Mechmania on September 6
    • Mechmania will be September 20 - 23
  • Mailing lists are purged and deleted
    • The five board members are the only ones on the mailing list
  • Bank Account - $447.45

  • Three more summer meetings remaining
    • Eric will not be able to attend the meeting of August 17

Next Meeting:

  • Updates