17 Jul 2018

What We’re Going Over:

  • mailing lists
  • Rooms

What We Went Over:

  • Discussion on state of mailing lists
    • Only mailing lists we used last year was council and members
    • These lists were slow and outdated, so we are deleting all lists except council and members
      • lists to be deleted:
        • Digikey
        • fit
        • Mechmania
        • Mics
        • Minnehack
        • sig-gdev
        • Sig-Linux
        • Sig-mobi
        • Sig-study
        • sig-web
    • We are purging members of all members except EC
  • We are currently cleaning our current room in preparation for move
  • Paperwork for room moving is currently up in the air, so all room moving is currently ceased
  • 6 computers will be taken for surplus ( we were not using them )
  • Bank Account - $447.45

To Accomplish By Next Meeting:

  • Purge and delete lists

Next Meeting: