09 Apr 2018

What We’re Going Over:

  • MICS
  • Board Transfer
  • Byte-le Launch

What We Went Over:

  • MICS review
    • Next time, book hotels and max rooms as soon as possible
    • Next time, call in instead of waiting
    • Reimbursements should be closed
    • MICS may or may not be at NDSU next year
  • Board Transfer
    • Chair & Member at Large is all transferred
    • Bank account work
      • Ajay and Eric need to be added
      • Nick and Jordan need to be removed
    • Renew / Get National Membership
    • Sam’s
      • Removing Nick and Jordan, adding Eric
  • Chairs & GPUs
    • No news on GPUs yet
    • Chairs in progress
  • Byte-le Launch
    • General schedule in place
      • Running through game ideas first
      • Multi-tier voting process to refine ideas down
      • Break down ideas to 3, then to 1
      • Begin development, will take a lot of time
        • We want to begin development before summer, so work can begin early
      • Finish everything up at least 1 month prior, so we can balance everything properly
    • Invite out of town people ( Moorhead, Sioux Falls, etc. )
    • Add game ideas now, three weeks until dead week
    • Nick has offered to peer review the project later on (documentation, balancing)
    • Agreement to let Jordan help out wherever needed
  • Bank Account - $209.19
    • Don’t touch the $96.75, Save the $112.44

To Accomplish By Next Meeting:

  • Start working on game ideas
  • Read the intro letter

Next Meeting: