19 Dec 2017

What We’re Going Over:

  • Closing MechMania 2017
  • Money Situation

What We Went Over:

  • Bank Account - $185.25
    • math from last meeting checks out
  • Other:
    • Money
      • check still isn’t in
      • Won’t come in until ???
      • money could not be sent to scholarship funds or to department
        • (North Dakota law makes it so you can’t donate to a non-profit)
      • instead, Nygard will indirectly work with us to get the $3k into account we can draw from
        • managed by department
        • Must all be used in the school year (i.e. before end of Spring semester)
          • current uses: 2 chairs, 2 computers, speakers, use a chunk for ????????????
        • reimbursement through department
          • or use department card for specific, authorized purchases
        • the remaining $5k will be different
          • Nygard may use personal funds for a educational foundation with the mission to assist the ACM in monetary costs
          • yearly money to give for the ACM (travel [vans], competition lodging [hotels])
          • convince more people to go to events, a more competitive field we’ll have
      • Will all still unfold as time passes
  • MechMania 2017
    • channel in Discord closed (all checks resolved)

To Accomplish By Next Meeting:

  • More money thinking