04 Oct 2016

Things to talk about

Suggestion box

Halloween party



Digikey corp talk

lan party



Things we talked about


- We are considering removing nate from the EC due to his lack of attendence. If he does not come to another meeting without giving a valid prior excuse.

- We need to find possible alternatives

Halloween party

- We will send out Emails asap to members about the potluck on the 28th at 7pm


- Rebecca will have the mechmania reimbursement form in by next tuesday

- Eric has not payed us yet, He wants to. He just hasn't yet.


- We are all signed up. 

- We will leave on the 21st.

- Someone will have to volenteer to drive.

- We will get letters of exusal

Arch Hack

- Nov 3rd to 7th

- It seems unlikely that we till go at this point

Lan Party

- We will need to allow for having 

- I (Kyle) will send out an email Reminding people about the LAN Party


- Annete says clay and noah have been checking out keys. This is fine, but they are not returning the keys immediately.

- we will tell them to return the key imeadiately after they use it


- Nate O will nuke melt and reinstall it for us

- we will try and have him get us a new server for the nfs