20 Sep 2016

Things to talk about

suggestion box



starting SIGS

- web 6:00 pm thursdays

Digikey corptalk

elctronic payment processing

mechmania group meal location

board game night and lan party

increasing cost of corp talks

- we dont make much at all after pizza

Things we talked about

Suggestion Box

Board game night
	Alex is looking into drumming support for board game night

Door Poster

	We will turn one of the mistyped one into a new door poster

Nate needs to buy coke (pop) and other food
	Restalk status: code yellow


rebecca apretiated the meeting she went to

	most of the budget is approved. We will not be reimbursed for puzzlebang or reflections projections. only mechmania 
	We have printing money, and new tables are a possiblility
	The budget is approved. Probably


rebecca is getting hotels tommarow

hotel costs:
	Ramada -- $138 a night
	comfort suites -- 164 a night

	We have a reservation for a 4 day rental -- $442 for all for days

	Gas isnt too much of an issue

mechmania food

	We will vote on were we eat

Electronic payment processing

Fast wants to pay with check. we are looking at using square(tm) or some equivelent

Digikey corptalk

We will ask if the 15th or the 17th works. we recommend the 15th (october)

Sig times

gdev wed @ 5:00pm

web thurs @ 6:00pm

mobile wed @ 6:00pm

linux mon @ 6:00pm

Lan party october 14th

Sig gdev october 8th

Tabled for next week

increasing cost of corp talks

- we dont make much at all after pizza