06 Sep 2016

Things to talk about

suggestion box


fast corp talk sept 27th

talk with dean

- maverick software corp talk

- getting in contact with corps

cs breakfast

starting SIGS


Large group meeting

Org meeting

Things we talked about

suggestion box - lan party

	- tabled till after mechmania
- game night

	- ec cant commit right now
- request for coke (pop) and forks

budget - official meeting tommarow at 5:50

- nate has not talked to slater about finances

- the dean wants to talk about the budget

	- we probably dont have money
- the events we are going to

	- mechmania
	- minne Hack
	- digi-key (21th of Oct)
	- Arch Hack
	- reflections projections

mechmania - money due tuesday (sept 19th)

things that need to be done by next week

	- jordan will look into the van
	- rebekah will look into getting 3 hotels
		- we need hotels 

fast corp talk - sep 27th

- 2 weeks away

talk with the dean - we probably wont have a corp talk with maverick, at least imediatly

- the dean sent us a company to do a corp talk

- maverick is sponsoring the job fair cs breakfast

cs breakfast - ec and jacob seem to be going

- nate might come

starting sigs - time availiable due next week

digikey - we get 2 teams of 4

- entry deadline is 3:00 sept 30

large group meeting - event on food technically requires food insurence

- everyone going to an event needs to fill out a liability consent form

org hosting - increase cost of hosting to $50

corp talks - we need to advertise them better

- fast email before this friday and one the day of

Tabled for next week

mechmania group meal location

board game night and lan party

increasing cost of corp talks

- we dont make much at all after pizza