05 May 2016

Things to talk about:

- national membership
- picnic
- courtesy guidlines
- mics

Things we talked about:

- National membership
	- slater got an email, we need to make sure we are all National EC membership
	- all ec members need to send rebecca our national acm numbers

- The picnic
	- Saterday is the picnic
	- we have food covered
	- we will need to get lighter fluid
	- jordan will bring the grilling tools

- Courtesy guidlines	
	- we will reprint the courtesy guidlines sheet
	- we will remove the "Do not use the projector rule"

- mics
	- Kyle Ryan has submitted most of the reciepts for mics
	- All participants of MICS need to bring in thier reciepts for mics

- printing card
	- there are no printing cards, now it is based on operating costs
		- we still need more information.
		- we will continue trying to get more information

- Bank account
	- Our current Balence is $333, more or less
	- We will start keeping track of our finances with a google sheets spreadsheet