14 Apr 2016

Things to talk about:

  • bbq
  • calender
  • bank
  • end of year report
  • bank account balece

Things talked about:

  • bbq
    • we need to send an email thursday
    • rebekah advertised on facebook
    • as a reminder, the picnic starts at noon on May 7
  • bank
    • all of the bank account stuff is done
    • we moved to have the treasurer report on the bank balence weekly
    • currently we have $521.36
  • Printer card
    • matt made progress in precuring our printing card
    • with the card we will get a poster for the ACM room door, and other posters to decorate the ACM room
  • Calender
    • the calender is now on the ACM website
  • misc
    • rebekah submitted a reimbursement request to student government for chairs
    • next weeks e.c. meeting is canceled do to MICS
    • as a reminder we leave for MICS april 21 at 4:00pm