24 Nov 2015

NDSU ACM EC Meeting Minutes - November 24, 2015 (5:30pm)

Members in Attendance in Official Capacity

  • Jordan Goetze, Chair
  • Rebecca Nelson, Vice-Chair
  • Kyle Ryan, Treasurer
  • Josh Phillippy, Member-at-Large
  • Ian Leith, Head of Great Plains Hackathon Planning Committee

Absent Members

  • Josh Pohl, Secretary (on Thanksgiving vacation)


Hour of Code

Jordan has spoken with Joan Krush about the Hour of Code, specifically looking for someone who can do it not over December’s dead week. She has let him know that her contact knows of a teacher in a Fargo high school who would be willing to do it on a day in the week of January 25-29 from 12:40 to 1:20pm (technically not an hour, but this is at a high school, so close enough).

We need to try and find volunteers from the ACM who would be willing to help out with this. They must come forward about a month in advance in order for the necessary background checks to go through.


SIG-GDev will not be meeting this week due to its being Thanksgiving weekend.

Further, Rebecca has heard back from the SG Finance Commission regarding the funding of SIG-GDev. They have requested that she meet with them this coming Tuesday. She will confirm meeting times with SG FC, and then get back to Jordan on this so that he can accompany her at that meeting if possible.

Diversity Outreach

Rebecca has not made any progress with LGBT Safe Zone or with Girl Develop It Fargo.

Status of Bank Account

Kyle was unable to get to the bank yet to check the balance of the ACM account. Once it is confirmed that we do indeed have money, he will be ready to offer final numbers on individual reimbursements for Mechmania.

ACM Reimbursements

There are currently no outstanding reimbursement requests that the ACM must submit. All requests are in, including:

  • Mechmania Reimbursement to SG
  • Reimbursements to Computer Science Department
  • Reimbursements for David Boll talk from pizza (still waiting on this to come back)

Great Plains Hackathon

Ian and his committee have prepared a work-in-progress project plan for the Great Plains Hackathon. In summary:

The Great Plains Hackathon will be a 36-hour hackathon from February 26-February 28. It will be held in QBB-104 (Auditorium), and QBB-116 (Lab), with QBB-162 (ACM lounge) to serve as the staff lounge and as a hookup for internet connections. In general, participants will be encouraged to bring their own computer, as there is currently no on-campus computer accessed planned for non-NDSU participants. Teams will be limited to 3 competitors per team.

The minimum budget is estimated at $5,000. This breaks down into the following items:

  • $3,500 for catering. This is for 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and 1 lunch. These will be provided for 60 people, 50 participants and 10 sponsors. Staff will be expected to get own lunch, though Ian has offered to purchase pizza out-of-pocket.
  • $400 for giveaways, such as T-shirts, stress balls, pens, etc.
  • $500 (at minimum) for prizes. This is for approximately $50 per prize (one for each person on a team) for the top three teams.
  • $500 flexible spending money for unaccounted for expenses. May include event parking, budgeted out to about $150.

The goal for budget is $7,000. If this amount of money is raised, there will be no question about holding the event and ample funds to handle unforeseen expenses.

Catering will be handled privately outside of NDSU. The expected price used for budgeting is $11 per head per meal; this number agrees with what catering companies that have been contacted have said.

Security for the event will be handled by Campus Police. This is expected to be free because the event will be held on-campus.

Event staff will be provided by volunteers, likely from the ACM.

At all times during the event, there will be at least one member of the planning committee on site with a dedicated event phone available for questions.

There are several non-ACM entities who will be involved with the event:

  • The NDSU Computer Science Department will be affiliated with the event. With their cooperation, we will be able to have access to campus resources without having to pay penalties for non-NDSU organizations.
  • Corporations will be asked to sponsor events. There will be 3 sponsorship tiers:
    • $200 - Corporation will be given access to the competition. They will be able to network with students and collect resumes.
    • $500 - In addition to the above, corporation will be allowed to set up a booth, and will have a say in the judging of the hackathon.
    • $1,000 or more - In addition to the above, corporation will be able to give a 20-minute presentation before or after the competition (at $7,000 goal, this will mean approximately one hour opening/ending for hackathon). In addition, the corporation will be able to submit a bid to be the competition’s title sponsor (in a sealed bid format).

Participants are required to be enrolled as a student. At the time, graduate students are also allowed. A student at any school would be welcome at the Hackathon, but we will only be specifically inviting those in the Tri-college area (as well as surrounding colleges).

In order to invite students from the various schools, a school ambassador will be assigned to each school; they will be responsible for reaching out to their school and making sure the school is up to date on our progress with the event.

We will ensure that students from schools that are not a part of the eduroam network will have access to wired connections for internet connectivity.

We will not be providing insurance for this event. Instead, participants will be required to explicitly waive our liability in the event of an accident.

Participant and sponsor registration is planned to open in January. It will be handled through EventBrite. We will be adding a field for people to anonymously donate to the event, as well as a field for tentative team name on the EventBrite registration page (teams do not have to be finalized until shortly before/during the event).

ACM Print Card

The ACM has been approved for a new printing card. Because Ian requires printing for the hackathon event, all EC members in attendance unanimously voted to allow him access to use the printing card.

Hackathon Bank Account

Jordan has heard back from SG FC regarding a bank account for the hackathon event. They requested additional, information; specifically, whether the event would be ACM-only or open to the public, and whether the event is a competitive event. Jordan has sent a reply email explaining that the it is a competitive event that is open to the public; he is now awaiting their response.

Member-at-Large Tardiness

Josh came in late to the meeting (about 5:50pm), and gave the reason as a problematic car battery. However, a new battery for his phone has now been ordered, and is in the mail. Josh has stated that once he recieves it, he will keep the ACM executive council in the loop if he is unable to make it to future meetings on time.