29 Sep 2015

Things to talk about:

  • HackISU Reimbursment
  • Digikey
  • Mechmania

Things talked about:

  • HackISU Reimbursment
    • Kyle is currently emailing them about it
  • Digikey
    • JP, Matt, Clay will be going
  • MechMania
    • Kyle has gotten hotel rooms
    • Kyle will call for hotel check in
    • Kyle will email location to hotels
    • Kyle got a 15 person van
    • parking will be figured out when we arive
    • current drivers for the van are Ian, Kyle, JP
    • Rebecca will drive her car
    • Rebecca sent email to Shawn Hogan but he has not responded
    • Kyle will call ahead to the chinesse place
    • Jordan requested excusial slipts but no responds
    • Meet at the ACM at 7:45 a.m. and leave by 8:00 a.m. on thurday