22 Sep 2015

Things to talk about:

  • Mechmania
  • Forum
  • CS breakfast

Things talked about:

  • Mechmania
    • Kyle needs to rent van
    • Rebeccca sent email to Shawn to see if he was going but there wasn’t a responds so he will not be going
    • JP will send an email to Aaron Buchholze to say that he can go
    • Ian, Kyle, Rebecca offering to drive
    • 15 person van or 2 6-8 person vans
    • Kyle will talk to CS department or SG about the vans
    • JP will send an email to everyone on the list to bring in there $150 dollars and register for membership
    • leave around 8 a.m.
    • hotel wont cost more than $1200
    • Kyle will need to check to make sure that the money will balance out
    • Rebecca got the forums mixed up that needed to be filled out so she and Jordan will apeal to SG
  • Forum
    • Organizaton equipment forum needs to be filled out
    • Jordan needs to get slators signiture
  • CS breakfast
    • 9 a.m. Fargo Dome
    • Jordan will be waiting for people