16 Jul 2015

Things to talk about:

  • MICS Reimbursement
  • RetroJam
  • Meeting attendence

Things Talked About:

  • MICS Reimbursement
    • Jordan was has not yet picked up the MICS check from Student Activities as he was sick
  • RetroJam
    • Phase 1 Goals Due today
    • Phase 2 Goals Due August 20th
    • Jordan will write up phase 2 goals by next meeting.
    • Reminder that the event will be canceled if any phase 2 goals are not complete by phase 2.
    • Because phase 2 and onward will have longer due dates, if any goals are not met by their assigned due dates the event is canceled.
      • This is to make sure that the goals are not left until the last minute and snowball as is happening with phase 1.
  • Meeting attendance
    • Meeting attendance is required except in the case of extenuating circumstances.
    • It is unacceptable that those who are on time have continually had to wait (upwards of 40-60min) for other members of the EC to arrive late.
    • Meetings start at 8:00pm if less than two people do not show up without having emailed and made it known to everyone that they will miss (at least 3 hours prior to the meeting time), the meeting will be canceled.
    • Members who miss meetings for any reason are responsible for reading the weekly meeting minutes and bringing any questions to the next EC meeting.