12 Feb 2015

Things Talked About:

  • Budget:
    • Denied money for laptops
    • We got $700 chairs
    • We are being docked 15% of our budget because of past spending habbits
    • We are around $1300 in debt due to the cost of MechMania
    • There is a chance that the CS Department will not reimbuse MechMania costs as the reciepts are too old
  • Corporate Talk Emails:
    • Need to send out offers to companies
  • Need to find new pizza supplier
    • Kyle will talk to some pizza places
  • Hack-a-thon
    • Conference March 27th
    • Hack-a-thon March 28th - 29th
    • Need sponsors
    • Need speekers
  • Ski Trip
    • RSVP by Febuary 26th