25 Sep 2014

Things To Talk About:

  • MechMania
    • Drivers
  • icpc</p>

Things Talked About:

  • mechmania

    • we have a list of people going
    • need to get to people to sign electronic form
    • we have excusal forms
    • leave at 8 am on thursday
    • figuring out how we are getting the vans from enterprise rent-a-car.
      • exact location should be gotten from stephanie
    • get separate receipts for gas
    • get separate receipts for everything
    • ask about return policy for vehicles
    • leader structure
      • ec member in charge of a few team leaders
      • each team leader will be responsible for the members of their team
  • digikey
    • leave thursday afternoon 4-6pm
  • icpc
    • look into practice competitions
  • </ul>