22 Aug 2014

Things to Talk About:

  • Pamphlet
  • quorum voting issue
  • sigs formalization
  • Defcon finances
  • Clean up the ACM
  • Meeting with classes

Things Talked about:

  • Pamphlet fix up and get ready.</p>
  • Saturday Morning, clean the ACM day

  • Meeting with Classes:

    160 Classes:

    • 09:00 - Alex R.</p>
    • 10:00 - Prata P.

      • T.F.
    • 13:00 - Alex R.
    • 17:00 - Alex R.
    • </ul>

      161 Classes:

      • 11:00 - Sameer
      • 12:00 - Sameer
        • TF

      213 Classes:

      • 12:00 - Oksana
        • TF
      • 13:00 - Oksana
      • 14:00 - Oksana
        • TF

      222 Classes:

      • 15:00 - Ubaya
        • TF

      227 Classes:

      • 11:00 - Latimer
        • Nate
        • Jordan
        • Eric
    • Defcon Finances:
      • TF needs all the receipts for reimbursements
    • quarum voting issue: -proposed new bylaw:</p>
    • </ul>
      Bylaw motion: 1. Members shall be given sufficient notice of meetings of the Chapter body, as well as any motions that must be voted on that are intended to take place during said meeting. 2. Members may vote by proxy by submitting a sealed envelope containing his/her vote to any member of the Executive Council at any time before the motion is made. 3. A Proxy Vote Envelope must meet the following requirements: a.) The name of the member casting the vote must be written on the outside of the envelope. b.) The signature of the member casting the vote must be written on the outside of the envelope. c.) Information identifying what motion the vote is to be cast for must be written on the outside of the envelope. d.) There must not be information identifying the contents written on the outside of the envelope. e.) The envelope must contain a piece of paper indicating whether the vote is for or against the motion that it is intended for. f.) The paper within the envelope must not contain any information that could associate the vote with the member who is casting it. 4. If an Executive Council member receives a proxy vote envelope, it is his/her responsibility to ensure the following: a.) That the envelope is sealed until the time of the vote that it is intended for. b.) That the envelope is opened at the time that the vote is cast and that vote within the envelope is distributed in a manner such that it remains anonymous. c.) That the member casting the proxy vote does not cast more than one vote. 5. Any member for which the following items are true will, for the duration of the motion voting, not be considered in calculating the Chapter body quorum and will be excluded from the vote. a.) The member has received sufficient notice of the meeting and the motion. b.) The member does not attend the meeting in which the motion is intended to take place. c.) The member does not submit a Proxy Vote Envelope prior to the motion.
      • SIGs Formalization:

        • Add a required form with SIG name, SIG leader's name, SIG Co-leader's name, SIG description, and tentative meeting time.
      • Send out Coprp Talk invites:
        • Evo1
        • Appareo
        • Microsoft
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