17 Jul 2014

Things to talk about:

  • Pamplhet
  • quarum voting issue
  • sigs formalization
  • blackboard


  • Everything is moving back to blackboard
  • At some point we need to move everything over
  • Send out emails to ACM members to get registered for black board
  • Register EC on blackboard

New events:

  • starcraft tourney
    • needs to be discussed
  • ssmb tourney
    • early november
    • fundraiser for acm
    • canned food for charity
    • org status can be used to rent out room


  • possibly go with pizza hut
  • papa johns

Solicit Mechmania and ICPC:

  • send an email eventually

Corporate Talks:

  • find new contact info
  • fargo microsoft 701-281-6500