07 Jul 2014

Meeting Notes:

Things to talk about:

  • Contradictions between officer info in dropbox constitution
  • Update pamphlets
  • quarum voting issue
  • Sigs formalization
  • NDACM-Log4Irc
  • Website Update
  • Photos
  • Home page content
  • Content to be added/removed
  • participant selection
  • Decreasing the number of participants
  • Change in allocated funds
  • Change transportation method
  • Calendar

Postponed issues:

  • Pamplhet
  • quarum voting issue
  • sigs formalization

Contradictions between office info in dropbox consitution:

  • who was in charge of doing the annual report
  • report is the same as the annual financial report

Website/web stuff:

  • list.nacm.org


  • applying for contingency funding
  • possibiliy that no one would get funded
  • otherwise funding would come from ACM activity funds

Fiscal Information:

  • July 1st new fiscal year
  • new records should start and and then
  • TF is migrating to GNU Cash

Make a copy of the Filling cabinet key:

  • Jordan will do it eventually

Dropbox changes:

  • TF organized it

Mailing Lists:

  • Are up and working