30 Jun 2014

Hope you all are having a good summer thus far! We have some exciting news that some of you may already have heard about, student government has elected to help fund 5 members of the ACM plus one EC representative to fly down to Las Vegas to participate in DEFCON 2014! Student Government has agreed to pay for everything except food, so plane ticket, hotel, and convention admittance will all be covered. The only thing you as a prospective attendee would need to worry about paying for is your own food.

​Great as this all is it does come with a bit of a catch, in order to go, you have to be willing and able to pay for everything out of pocket with the promise of a reimbursement later (covering everything except food expenses). So to help give an idea of the associated costs, we've gone ahead and done some rough estimations of cost which you can find below. For those of you interested we ask that you RSVP by sending me an email at my email address, no later than Wednesday, July 2nd. The reason for the quick turn around is so that people who will be going can take advantage of the lower cost of plane tickets that we can get at this time (as ticket prices go up the closer you get to the event).

More specifics can be found below, however keep in mind that prices are only estimated and may be greater than expected so if you plan on going make sure to have a bit of spending leeway. Finally don't forget to RSVP!

Estimated Associated Costs:

  • ​​Plane ticket: $500
  • ​Ticket (cash, paid for at the convention entrance): $220
  • ​Lodging: $40/per night or $200 total
  • Food: $30/per day or about $150 total
  • Grand Total: $1070.00
  • ​Cost to Student after reimbursement: $150
  • ​Cost of experience: Priceless

Dates and Times:

  • Sign-Up
    • ​​Wednesday, July 2
      • Last day to RSVP
    • Thurseday, July 3, 6:00PM at the ACM
      • Attendee meeting to purchase plane tickets and reserve lodgings
  • Departure for Las Vegas
    • Evening of Wednesday, August 6th or Morning of Thursday, August 7th
  • ​Return flight to Fargo
    • ​Monday, August 11th

RSVP’ed so far:

  1. Dominic Marks
  2. Eric Krenz
  3. Joshua Phillipy
  4. Zech Anderson
  5. Joshua Abrams
  6. Kyle Ryan
  7. Greg Douvier
  8. Garret Ruh
For additional questions or concerns feel free to send me an email at: jordan.goetze@my.ndsu.edu