01 Apr 2014

EC Elections

  • tentative date: Thursday, April 10th at 6pm
  • King House Buffet afterwards?

Volunteer Hours

  • include ICPC hours (~10 people, 2 hours/person)

MICS Update

  • van reserved
  • Rob will email list of people once it's finalized
  • teams should register ASAP (possibility they might be reimbursed by the ACM)

Science Olympiad

  • facilitator's meeting this Friday, April 4th at 9am
  • email ACM members mailing list

NDSU Libraries 3D printing beta testing

  • email ACM members mailing list

Evolution 1 Corporate Event

  • April 15th at 6pm
  • Josh will reserve room (1st choice: IACC 104, 2nd choice: Van Es 101)