26 Mar 2014

ACM Meeting Minutes 03/25/2014

MICS - Scheduling conflict with MICS and Science Olympiad - Need at least 67 more hours for S.O - Funding - hopefully most will be covered by department - Rob is in charge of MICS -- will figure out the MICS/S.O issue

Game Developers Summit

  • Josh will email general mailing list about it

Ski Trip Refund

  • Going to talk to Wei about refunding Nate the $50


  • TF is working on it
  • Rob will get more info on the guys who made the ICPC tshirts.

SSBM & Warcraft 3 game nights - Karen will send out emails to remind people about it

  • Fridays @ 6:30 p.m. (ssbm)
  • ssbm -bring gear (gamecube, memory cards, game, etc.)