25 Feb 2014

ACM Meeting Notes 02/25/2014


  • SIG-Chix can get together; have teachers come in an talk about different issues in CSCI; have bake sales; etc.
  • Send email to Stephanie to see if we can’t get more interest

Career Fair

  • Karen, TF, Wei, Uy, Nate
  • 9 a.m tomorrow!


  • Send email out about the registration. – not working?


  • Going to send out email to ask about doing another teaching event at Cheney


  • Send in nominations to Sam
  • We have it typically after Spring break so we have awhile

Corporate Events

  • Hitachi, Microsoft, Thompson Reuters, Evolution 1, ..?
  • Going to get those emails out ASAP. Losing companies to MIS.

Ski Trip - Talk to Wei about getting funding

Bowling Night

  • Maybe after Spring Break? (Spring break is 17th- 21st)
  • Maybe March 28th?
  • Contact Nate about this Spring Cleaning
  • During Spring Break (??)
  • Wait on more people to discuss this further