11 Feb 2014

TITLE ACM Meeting Minutes


  • Friday - Sam will send out email about MICS programming competition registration
  • Sam will talk to Dr. Slator and others for funding


Corporate Talks

  • Sam has talked to Simply Made Apps
  • to contact
  • Hitachi
  • Microsoft
  • Appareo
  • NIST
  • should compile list of others, send emails


ski trip

  • Rob: aren’t those expensive?
  • Nate is the guy to talk to
  • Hopefully have this sometime soon.


  • SIG-Mobi
  • Tuesdays @ 5p
  • start next week
  • Dr. Kotala has expressed interest
  • SIG-GDev
  • time not set yet
  • people should fill out Doodle, deadline is this Friday
  • SIG-Chix
  • Megan Beret (former leader of SIG-Chix), in contact with Karen and Brooke
  • need to gauge interest, respond to her
  • Karen will talk to Stephanie, to publicize


  • s/’EC Meetings’/ACM Weekly Meetings’/gi > more_welcome_meetings.txt
  • Sam will invite all
  • took a vote - Rob will be invited to all meetings
  • actually, we have to let people be in the ACM, given our status

treasury update

  • budget hearing next week on Tuesday, February 18th @ 5pm
  • need to take pictures of the conditions of our chairs
  • since we’re asking for money to replace chairs
  • need to verify the stuff we submitted in our proposal
  • competitions
  • audit update
  • we need to submit bank statements

EC eelections

  • start thinking about
  • will be hold these in April
  • need to get nominations in
  • people will give speeches, we vote, then we eat food
  • Joe suggests Super Buffet instead of King House Buffet

ACM DB Update


  • synchronizes with mailman mailing lit
  • people registered whenever they sign up for a SIG on the DB site
  • can use in the future, instead of manually doing things
  • new feature: adding events to Google Calendar
  • Wei will send out email to those added to ACM DB
  • they need to manually set new password

community service opportunity

  • Wed, 12th (tomorrow) at 9:30
  • contact Alisha in STARS if interested

science fair (forward to Sam)

  • Southeast Regional Science & Engineering Fair, Tuesday, March 18th, Bentson-Bunker Field House: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m
  • will foward email to Sam

Cheney talks

  • should contact soon, if still want to do this
  • last year, gave talk in Mid-march (over spring break)
  • STARS interested in collaborating again

CS faculty / employer breakfast

  • 2/26 @ 9am
  • 5 currently allotted for
  • current EC members should probably go