18 Nov 2013

ACM Meeting Minutes 11/18/2013


Org Sync to Blackboard

  • CSO needs the acm constitution on the site
  • Josh will do it

Christmas Party

Holiday Feast

  • Main Meals: Karen, Nate, Wei, Sam
  • Appetizers: Karen,
  • Desserts: Karen, Scott
  • [will email acm asking who else wants to bring something]
  • Will start at 6 p.m.
Christmas Trivia
  • Will have Christmas trivia during meal
  • Win prizes (presents) for answering the question first
  • Nate & Karen will work on questions and possibly have knowledge bowl type set up
  • We will behaving these consoles set up: N64 (x2), WiiU, Xbox, (LAN party in ACM)
  • Probably will be an all night thing
Secret Santa!
  • Post something on the whiteboard and the ACM Facebook page asking who wants to participate
  • Spending Limit - $10

Bank Update

  • Need to find a better system for the vending machine.

Vending Machine

  • Should try asking for donations to get a new one.

ACM Facebook Page

  • Need to make members more aware of it!

Freshman/Sophmore Programming Competition

  • Robocode
  • premade AI competition
  • Trial run possibly sometime this weekend - Saturday noon - 4 p.m.