04 Nov 2013

ACM Meeting Minutes 11/04/2013


  • Karen will go and talk to Stephanie sometime this week.


  • Sam, Nate … will go find a fridge tomorrow (or today after meeting?)


  • Karen will send out an email announcing it/reminding peoples (tomorrow at 6pm)

Myriad Devices

  • Nov 14th, 6pm, IAAC 104 (send out email next week)

Microsoft mobile lab

  • Tonight at 6 p.m.

Cleaning the ACM Day

  • Saturday Nov. 16th (?)

New OS

  • Windows 7, Mint, Majaro, Ubuntu


  • Should be here next week

Bowling Party

  • Need to do it 2 weeks in advance for food
  • Will do it on a Friday

Christmas Party

  • Date is TBD
  • Games, potluck, secret santa!
  • Karen will set up something for everyone to post what they are bringing.
    • Beverages, desserts, appetizers, main meals, etc.


  • 9 pizzas
  • buy pop from store instead of pizza place ( 5 - 2 liters)