07 Oct 2013

ACM Notes 10/07/2013


  • Payments still needed– Davin & Jordan
  • Be here at 7:45 a.m.
  • Need to finalize drivers

Corporate Talks

  • October 21st – Oct 26th – Intelligent Insites
  • Sam email other corporates (Myriad, NISC…)
  • MIS

Ethernet Cords

  • Going to fix them; Need members to let EC know if a cord isn’t working and we’ll replace it.

Halloween Party

  • Josh will book room for Halloween party

Arcade Machine

  • Maybe replace the joysticks/buttons/whole panel?


Other News

  • Sam will look into the CSO laws for forms for “field trips”
  • Discussed really pushing for the second room; we really could use it. We have 100 members currently!
  • Going to talk to people upstairs right after meeting