30 Sep 2013

ACM Meeting Notes 09/30/2013



  • Teams need to register for Mechmania by Wednesday!
  • Cost will be $150
  • Karen will email the people who haven’t gotten back to us about Mechmania (Andrew Sailor, Cole K., Drew M., Mark S. Alex H., Grant C.)
  • Excusal Slips – Need full names of all the members going – Josh will find out who they are;
  • Deadline for slips is Wednesday; if not signed up then - they’re not going pretty much.
  • Once the names are figured out we will email Slator.

R|P/Mechmania Hotel

  • Booked 4 rooms (two double beds)
  • Super 8


Bowling Night

  • October 25th
  • Still planning this all out.


Car Situation

  • Sam (5)
  • Josh (4.5)
  • Uy (5)
  • Nate (8,?)

Master the Mainframe

  • Karen will send out an e-mail to the members list informing them about it.
  • TF – print MtM posters to advertise it?


Corporate Talks

  • Sam or Josh will send out an email to the other companies we haven’t contacted yet.
  • NISC, Evolution 1, Microsoft (for second semester), Hitachi, EPIC, Digi-Key, Appareo
  • Need to do them soon; some companies are starting to wonder why we haven't contacted them yet.


  • Talk about maybe get new tables/chairs?
  • Possibly contact Microsoft about helping us out with stuff we need
  • Need to figure out what they are willing to pay; what we want, etc.
  • 5 tables , 14-16 chairs
  • Cesar will handle this stuff


Ethernet Cables

  • We need Ethernet cables!
  • We can either buy the kit or ask Robert to provide us some?
  • Connectors – Wei will buy them.
  • Josh will get in contact with Rob.

Vending Machine Food Crisis

  • Going to talk to Stephanie about it.


Halloween Party

  • Planning on doing this the day after Halloween (November 1st, since it’s a Friday)
  • Costume contest! We will be giving out prizes!
  • Need to get candy for the candy bowl; also-- other people can bring treats too.
  • DDR/LAN Party/ etc.

Printing Funding

  • Still waiting on reply
  • TF will be working on this.


  • Having a meeting about it Friday @ 5:00 p.m.
  • Possibly confirmed vehicle for Digi-Key (?)

Extended EC

  • Kyle and Cesar both need keys still.

Other News:

  • After the meeting we all talked to the people upstairs; Wall – other room adjacent to ACM lounge – not going to happen basically.



Next EC Meeting: October 7th 2013