16 Sep 2013

ACM Meeting Notes 09/16/2013

SIG Stuff

  • Need to get SIG mailing list set up
  • Josh is creating mailing list
  • Each SIG leader needs to decide on a time
  • Use doodle.com so members can input their availability for meetings.


  • Maybe create a Mechmania mailing list
  • Sam is still figuring out funds
  • Might get a state vehicle

Corporate Talks

  • FAST is having a difficult time finding a way to pay
  • Need to fill out a W9 form?

CSO Meeting

  • ORG sync is being phased out; blackboard alternative
  • Transitional period Nov. 1 to Dec. 1
  • Need to get everything that is important to us off the thing.
  • Contract expires December 24
  • Sam is working on filling out paper work

Community Service Hours for the ACM

  • Spike out Suicide (volleyball; counts toward community hours)
  • Friday at 20th at 4p.m. - Volleyball court by Highrises
  • Registration – $5
  • We really need hours; 4 hours for every 3 people (paid members)

Possible community service projects:

  • School outreach
    • Matti is also looking for people to teach kids at schools about computers
    • 2 classrooms; bring as many as we can get
    • It's next Wednesday; 25th @ 2 pm. (only for an hour)
    • Power point; get a feel what they know etc. 
  • Science Olympiad
    • Probably will get most from here. 
  • Cheney Middle School
    • Takes place in Spring; about 8 hours per person going.

** Currently have 85 paid members; 118 hours we need **


Printing Allocation

  • Need to submit a budget

Software Freedom Day

  • Watch movies on Friday – Cesar will bring movies.

ACM Keys

  • Going to get the extended council keys today after meeting.

Next Meeting: Mechmania meeting 4 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct.17th)