09 Sep 2013

ACM EC Meeting Notes 09/09/2013

Kickoff event

  • Need to revamp the slides for the Kickoff Meeting
    • Josh will update the slides
    • Figured out SIGS at the meeting.
    • Pop/Pizza Situation
      • Wei will get the pop for the Kickoff meeting
      • Planning for 50 people
      • Ten 2 liters – one or two diets
        • Mountain Dew’s (x3)
        • Dr. Pepper
        • Fanta
        • Wei can figure out the rest of the pop.
        • Brady called the pizza places
        • Going to figure out more stuff tomorrow about where to get them.


Corporate Events

  • FAST – no response on room reserve; the event is on the 23rd

SIG Situation

  • SIG- Comp – Sam
  • SIG –GDEV – TF
  • SIG-MOBI – Cesar/Sam
  • SIG-SEC – Josh
  • SIG-FIT – Nate


  • We will have people at the Kickoff write on a signup sheet for SIGs they are interested in and then send out an email asking about convenient days/times for meetings, etc.
  • No kickoff for SIGS.


Mechmania/ UIUC

  • Planning on mentioning this at the Kickoff (The date for it is October 10-13th )
  • Need to find out more about transportation, estimate costs, etc.
  • Sam will ask about getting state vehicles.
  • We believe it’s $20 for Mechmania (per person)
  • Send an email out next week to those who signed up.
  • Next Tuesday @ 4 pm we will have an information for UIUC
  • Need to talk to UIUC ACM to let them know were coming - Sam
  • Need to talk to CS department about funding for the event - Sam
  • Also get excusal slips from Slator. - Sam
  • Need to make and put up Mechmania posters – need to get permission.


Printing Allocation

  • Need to talk to someone about getting money for printing (should be around $100)


T-shirt Design

  • Karen will email people about submitting designs.
  • Thinking about choosing a different color this time; also get a couple made for girls as well.