20 Apr 2013

EC Meeting 4/19/13


EC Bank Account

• Bank Account moved to new EC

• Cesar Ramirez as former Vice Chair has been removed from the NDSU’s ACM Bank Account

• Zech Andersen and Davin Loegering met with Sam Stutsman, Josh Tan, and Wei Lim to conclude the bank account transfer process.

Picnic • Picnic location changed due to flooding

• Getting moved to a more expensive place (we get it for the same price as the other one though)

• The place is called Rheault Farm Bunkhouse (25th St. S., below I-94).

• Reservation is for the west half.

• Picnic will be at the same time - Sat. May 4th @ 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  Picnic Food • Previous EC guys want to go to COSTCO the day of to get the stuff.

• What we need: hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, cheese, condiments, pop and chips

• Need about 30 of each (hotdogs, hamburgers, buns)

• Condiments: ketchup and mustard

• Pop : 3 – Mountain dew , 3 – Dr. Pepper , 2 – Pepsi, 2 – misc.

• Chips : (about 5 bags) Lays and Doritos


Other Picnic Related Issues • Josh and Zech will go pick up food at Costco.

• EC will meet in the ACM room before the picnic to give rides to anyone who needs one.

• We already have the utensils for grilling.

• Can estimate about 30 people to attend.


Extended Cabinet • Need: Historian, Minister of Propaganda, Office Manager, and Web Monkey/System Admin.

• Holding off until the fall semester to pick Extended Cabinet. EC Meetings • Meeting time for this semester is still Friday at 4 pm.

• We will still meet during dead week.


Volunteer Hours • Need to submit these by April 25th – Need 2/3 of members to complete 2 hours of service.

• We need a total of 64 hours