10 Apr 2013


EC Meeting 4/10/2013


New EC has been elected!!

Chair – Sam Stutsman

Vice Chair – Josh Tan

Treasurer – Wei Lim

Secretary – Karen Clark


  • Extended Cabinet to be determined by the new EC


  • DropBox account has been updated so the new EC has access.

  • Word Press, will exchange accounts by changing passwords.

  • Mailing list for EC will be given to new EC

  • email will be sent out to give more details to the new EC



  • Now we can use the bus as advertisement!


EC Roles

  • are listed in the drop box, where you can also find all documents to be used for any official stuff


To Do List

  • Update OrgSync

  • update officers

  • update member

  • 2/3 volunteer

  • submit volunteer work

  • sign-up for science Olympiad

  • Transfer Bank Accounts to New EC (determine when the Chair, Vchair and Treasurer can meet to do the transfer)

  • Spring Cleaning

  • Picnic

  • Printing Card?



- Food

  • Reserve Picnic Spot

  • ask Cesar for information on the hows

  • Discuss what food will be made available

  • Bring games: frizzbee golf disks, badminton, anything


  • Who’s bringing a camera to document?



  • Student Evolve (classroom, CSO, Career Fair, etc)

  • Bowling: $150 of free catering per semester!

  • Events: Digikey, Mechmania, ICPC

get people involved, designate someone for SigComp (Cesar?)

  • Potluck (December)

  • Corporate Talks

  • LAN Party and Stuff


Next EC Meeting-

  • determine when the new EC should meet?

  • Next Friday at 4pm, 4/19/13