27 Mar 2013

EC Meeting 3/27/13

Epic Talk:

  • Occurring Thursday 28th at 5pm in IACC 102

  • Zech- will order the pizza around noon

  • Will be a conflict with GDev, so it will be cancelled


  • Info Session will be Tuesday, April 2nd.

  • will be in IACC at 6pm

  • Pizza will be available

  • send an email out about the Myriad and include information about the EC nominations to be held in the same room (5:30pm). Also include that people can nominate until next Tuesday (when we hold the elections). This can be done via email.

EC Nominations/Elections

  • Will be held on the 9th of April at 5pm in IACC 102 (Tentative)

  • Zech will reserve the room


Cesar - spoke with Adam and was informed if we want a donation we just need to let them know because they are still up for it :)

  • What would we like

  • Zech would like to see a new vending machine

  • Cesar says Adam has a couch he can donate to us, always he wants to see more office supplies (cable disaster at the table would be nice to clean up)

  • General consensus regarding new tables for the lounge

  • more thought will put into what we think we need


- Cesar needs to look for a printer

  • find a laser with a duplexer capability

  • funds will come from our office supplies fund


  • Shoot for Trollwood Park again

  • more information about this will be discussed later with the new EC