27 Feb 2013

EC Meeting 2/27/22013


Printers: Cesar couldn’t find anything within our budge

  • Andrew suggested we create our own network so we can get a printer

-Cesar suggested google print

  • Basically need to work out how a network or USB printer would work

  • securities, should be pay more? Hopefully work this out in the next couple of weeks

  • Andrew suggested we look in the surplus sale for a used printer


Bowling Night

  • email sent out by our secretary

  • everything is set up for this friday

  • Dean might be coming!


Corporate Panel

  • Need to determine the time and day

  • MWF anytime after 5pm

  • what is this? The CS dept will invite different companies to come in and give tips and advice about applying for jobs…not entirely sure so we’ll ask Joan more about that



  • Anne Denton sent an email about some servers that are available that were purchase with technology fees.

  • Do we need them?

  • most agree we don’t need one, but we could propose some uses for it.

  • Zech doesn’t feel a need for it for the ACM, but he’ll forward the email to anyone who might have some use of it.

Myriad – Still waiting for a reply from the email


Bill Gates: Will be at Concordia College for a talk on 27th of April

  • Carpool

  • Email will be sent out


Middle School Talk – Josh, Zech, Cesar and Joe

  • work together to prepare for the presentation during spring break.

  • Josh wants to have a practice on Monday of Spring Break


Andrew is our new Historian! Congrats and Welcome!

  • will take photos during out bowling party


Davin – Gdev Competiton on March 23-24, 10-10 o’clock

  • food provided