13 Feb 2013

2/13/13 ACM Meeting

Bowling Night: Date: 1st March 2013 at 6:30pm

  • Have 2 things of lemonade Epic Systems:

- Zech replied to the inquirers email, but has yet to respond. If and when he does, we will work with him to set up a corporate event.

- Cesar believes it could be in Late March (20-30)

Game-making Competition:

  • Zech </strong></strong>wants it figured out during GDev tomorrow
  • some ideas to start off with, before spring break it should be held or before April.

STARS Middle School Talk:

  • Josh has yet to hear from the school, so we’re not sure whether we’re going to participate, although Josh is looking into possible having it before Spring Break Myriad:
  • may have a corporate talk with them, but Cesar has yet to reply to them. Cesar - reply to them by tonight.
  • have towards the end of the month (28th)

Group Advising Session

  • Joan Krush asked if we wanted to participate in a group advising? - EC vote to participate - majority is a nay Cesar - suggests we do something similar to this next semester to get more word out about the ACM and help new student Corporate Panel- set up by the CS Dept.

Zech- the format will be different members of businesses will come in and give examples on what should be on your resume and get exposed to different companies.

Cesar - believes it would be a good idea

  • </strong>We will let Joan know that we believe it’s a good idea

CS Breakfast: Zech- had the dept reserve 7 seats for us, need 1 more person to join Time: 9-9:45am on the 27th Feb, 2013

  • </strong>prelude to the career fair Participating: Cesar, Zech, Justin, Josh, Andrew, TF and Davin(?) Dresscode: Business Casual