30 Jan 2013

1/30/2013 EC Meeting

Budget: due by Sunday

  • In the Budget:

  • MechMania, Digi-key, Mics

  • Office Supplies (start using it)

  • determine what in allocated and have Davin write up


Bowling - Zech will set up for February (Date to be determined)

Middle School - Josh will handle the talk in February

Myriad Talk - Cesar will work with Jake Jornstaad to set up for the end of Febraury

  • determine what will be provided, if we are charging?

  • if they provide pizza/beverages, waive meeting fee

CS Breakfast - ACM invited..to be determined when it occurs

Game making competition- when should we have it (GDev oriented?)

  • After spring break? Maybe?

  • Will be discussed later, work with Davin to organize

Secretary: invest in fixing our printer/ getting a new printer. Have it tied to the benefits of paying ACM fee (account info to use the computers)

  • Vote to get a printer held, unanimous vote in favor of purchasing a new printer (maybe fixing the current printer)

  • By next meeting, find printers

VC/Cesar: why haven’t we remodelled our office with Microsoft money?

  • Interest lost possibly

  • Look into getting some quotes for designing the office