23 Jan 2013

1/23/2013 EC Meeting

Microsoft Event:

  • Posters are up and Zech will forward an email to everyone

  • On Monday 28th, 6:30pm room IACC 104

  • Microsoft will be providing refreshments (possibly)

Bowling Event:

  • consensus to do it again

  • Need to request catering and reserve lanes (4 or 5)

  • when should we have this event?

  • Friday, 8th of February?

CSO Meeting:

  • Tomorrow the 24th at 7pm in the Ball Room

  • Cesar may be attending to represent the ACM, as will Justing

  • useful to know our budget, the do’s and don’ts, and other rules

Other Corporate Events:

  • begin looking into the possibility of having some more events for later

  • will be having competitions, Myriad and other events this semester

Minister of Propaganda:

- duties include designing, printing and posting posters

  • possibly appoint a new one if Nate can’t or doesn’t want to maintain his role

Middle School Presentation:

  • part of the STARS program

  • who wants to be a part of the event

  • discuss what Computer Science is, the workings of it, the careers available and similar topics

  • Josh (part of the STARS program), Joe, Cesar and Zech


  • Due soon!! February 3rd

  • need to let Davin know it needs to get it done (have David tell him to do so)

  • Needs to be done by our next meeting


Justin - issues with logging in to ACM computers

  • needs eclipse