14 Jan 2013


1/14/2013 EC Meeting


EC Meeting Times:

- What days should we meet?

- Wednesdays 2-3pm (14:00-15:00)


Event Ideas

Corporate Talks

- a general idea of when they will occur would be most likely Wednesdays at 6pm (18:00)

- Microsoft, Myriad are for sure

Cesar: suggested possibly hosting talks by professors about their research/study

Bowling Night

- will provide more lemonade, pizza and catering.


- discuss possibility of more this semester

-MICS competition in LaCrosse, WI

Science Olympiad

- Not until April

- need to find participants (6-8min)

- philanthropy event, help us out


- Nate not able to lead, unless he gets a pass to the wellness

- Possible that Chris may take over


- will be discussed next week