02 Oct 2012

10/2/2012 EC Meeting

Projections Conference/ Mechmania

  • Two vehicles, possibly a third (Josh) if absolutely necessary
  • Drivers will leave Thursday morning, meet at ACM Lounge at 7:45am
  • Drivers fill up in Fargo before leaving, after everything is recorded in respect to car expenses
  • Hold a meeting on Wednesday at 4 or 5

  • Need a payment by Wednesday from all participants ($150)

  • Hotel is reserved

  • Everyone needs to have everyone’s phone number

Corporate Event:

  • Oct. 16, NISC Information Session

  • Promoting is absolutely important!

Halloween Party

  • Reserve rooms for our party event (Cesar will do)

  • Evolution1 will be giving a talk, incorporate into the party

  • Xbox 360 will be the event

Banking Account:

  • Considering on getting a debit card and enter into the online banking program