25 Sep 2012



Hitachi Event – Thursday 5pm

  • for engineering, CS, other related majors
  • conflicts with Cargo event in the MU, so need to push this event!



  • need to deposit money
    • need to be done tomorrow
  • obtain account balance
  • create an invoice template

UIUC (13 or 14 people competing)

  • a letter of dismissal for some classes are needed to be excused for the trip
    • for language and english courses
  • Zech, send a letter to Dr Slator with dates and names of students who need one
  • Drivers: need several drivers for the trip
    • Justin, Zech, possibly Davin (check insurance to avoid issues)
  • Hotel rooms
    • 4 per room, 2 per bed (4 rooms)
  • Zech will send out an email requesting payment
  • CS dept will donate $300? for the trip
  • ACM may be able to put forth some as well to reduce the cost to the students further


  • console lan party (reserve an extra room for this event)
  • Evolution1 Talk will take place at 6pm (maybe)

EC/Member Input

Cesar: was talking to Carl about using the room next to the ACM lounge as a space designated for ACM

  • Adam said last year there might be a possibility
  • Dr. Slator said this would be a possibility, given we have a good security measures
    • “ownership” issues may come up, further notice will be given

Dr Slator: we need to fill a spot for a committee

  • recruiting student help for aiding in the application process
    • primarily grad students, but accepting undergrads as well
  • need someone by the end of the week, at the latest

Zech: will send out an email to our members about the above