11 Sep 2012

9/11/2012 EC Meeting’

ACM IOU System Will be implemented for this semester There will be a $5 limit this means you need to pay once you’ve reached $5 Stand in until the Arduino is in place once in place, a point system will be implemented…TBA

UIUC General Interest meeting will be held on Thursday at 4pm will be informative about dates, competition, general details the final meeting will be determined during this meeting (maybe)

Corporate events Microsoft (Wednesday, Sept. 19) Nate printed off the posters for each one hopefully bigger turn out → more pizza (10 Spicy Pie) Students should bring resumes for an entry kinect giveaway drawing Fast Enterprise ( Thursday, Sept. 20) 10 spicy pies Students should bring resumes for an entry in the ipod drawing Some EC member announce event during their class to get more participation

AI Competition Presented by Abram (microsoft) Monday, September 17, 2012 Possible time would be from 4pm-11pm See if we can get it to be moved to Friday so students are not up so late Good opportunity for students to get to know Microsoft and get a foot in the door

Employer Social Tuesday, September 18 (5:30-7pm) Advertise for this to the ACM (secretary email)

Lan Party Friday, September 21

SIG-GComp Davin is interested in leading this group Still need to contact the member who was interested in starting it incorporate into LAN parties (possible idea)

Hitachi wants to have an event for the end of September September 27, thursday (Time TBA) MIS and Comp Engineering are invited Computer Building Workshop II Friday, September 15th (6pm)

ICPC Dr. Denton has organized it fairly well some general publicity to get out

Noter: due to the business of the week of Sept. 17-21, SIG’s ARE CANCELLED