04 Sep 2012

9/4/2012 EC Meeting

Special Attendance by Dr. Slator

Introductions were held at the beginning of the meeting.

Dr. Slator will try to attend more meetings, but suggests finding someone else as advisor due to his busy schedule

Zech suggests Dr. Denton to be our advisor due to her involvement in competitions

  • Possibly a co-advisor might work better

IBM Master the Mainframe Competition: looking for a faculty sponsor so students have a professional contact on their sheet.

  • Dr. Slator will bring it up at the faculty meeting

Rush Week: went very well, membership not as high, but more interest in being active members increased.

  • Zech thanks all who helped on Wednesday!

SIG Groups: mailing lists all set up, (mobi and fit, Gdev?)

  • Gcomp: need to organize

  • STARS event conflicts with Sig-Mobi and Sig-Gdev

  • Looking for student leaders to promote interest in computing‚Ķvery good for our group!

Corporate Talks: NEED TO ADVERTISE!

  • Sept 19: Microsoft

  • Sept 20: Fast Enterprises

  • Posters will be created and hung around

Breakfast event: ACM EC invited

  • Meet and greet, informative talks about the CS department, get more involvement with CS

  • Need to find 5-6 students to attend! Or more

  • Wednesday Sept. 19th, 9-10am

CSO Meeting: Thursday Sept 6th at 8am

  • Congress of Student Org.

  • Justin will attend

Bowling Night: Cesar has it all set up and ready to go

  • 5 lanes for two hours

  • Oct 10th, 2012

Business Cards: all set up and will be arriving within a week

  • Have them to hand to corporations who are interested in working with us