23 Jul 2012

-Emails sent for corporate contact, we have not received any answers yet -18 September Tuesday 3pm, for Microsoft corporate talk. Cesar needs to talk with Stephanie for reserving a room. 3pm seems too early and we are proposing moving it to 5pm. -SIG websites are up. -Password access rights for accessing ACM services have been defined -The computer workshop is going to be cool -We will keep Slator as our advisor. -It is important to keep our EC meetings and notes clean and professional -Room redesign should be happening during the spring of 2013, this gives more time for our sponsors to save some money. -For the bowling night we will do food and beverages(more than before) -Justin will get a copy of some of the keys. -The project for using RFID/NFC with the pop and candy machine looks really promising. -We are looking into printing the pamphlets in color but it could be really expensive -The business cards are going to be purchased from VistaPrint and we are going to pay the $10 for getting the premium cards. -The EC have to decide in a theme and colors for the business cards.