27 Jun 2012


  • The website is back up now and Server is mostly/completely set up.
  • Ndacm.org/~$username
  • url example for web hosting
  • WordPress issues and other issues with hosting have been resolved by Zech
  • Cesar: suggests to promote web hosting for database students
  • Good way to attract members (Zech)
  • Mailing list still being worked on, once up, will make sending emails to members much easier
  • Thinclients still a possibility
  • Corporate email database has been populated (thanks Cesar!) -> Next step is to send out the emails (Zech)
  • The draft was approved by the group
  • Zech will start sending out emails to the corporations
  • Cesar suggests changing the approach to the server by using Webmin (or something similar).
  • Nate’s Birthday this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • IRC is up! Join up guys! -> #ndsuacm @ irc.freenode.net