28 May 2012

The summer has started and some of our members are not in Fargo anymore, to overcome this, the ACM is going to broadcast all of their EC Meetings over Google Hangouts. This will allow anyone interested to be part of the discussion or if you prefer, simply just watch it via youtube.

This is our first EC Meeting via hangout so please excuse the poor audio quality.

What we discussed this time: -Zech will get in contact with Vista Print and we will see how many business card we can make for the ACM. This cards will look really good when we need to talk with companies during Career Fairs and other events.

-We also decided that the time for EC meetings during the summer is going to be at 6 on Wednesdays.

-Davin will also get in contact later in the summer with the professor of the classes that could do a room redesign for the ACM Launge.

-Cesar and Zech should start getting in contact with businesses to start having an schedule for business talks for the next year.