09 May 2012


  • Tshirts are in!!!

  • An email was sent out notifying people of their arrival.

  • Nonmembers can pay between 8 and 10 dollars

  • 10 for XXL

Dr. Slator: last EC minutes….retract previous statements (Sorry!)

ACM Orginizing/Cleaning

  • RFP- request for proposal
  • Ask about this option (Slator or Stephanie)
  • Individual designers also an option (best option)
  • Need to determine how many seats, workstations, couch(es)
  • How to fund?
  • May need to do fund raising

Clean up: Friday at 4pm

  • Carpet gets steam cleaned on Tuesday
  • Either Sunday or Monday, we need to get the big furniture out of here for that day
  • Possible to have some student do a Capstone with our room for designing it. (Summer credits/Bonus points for the students a possibility)
  • Ann Ragan: Ask about this option

Cesar: created new SigMobi account on G+, can record the meetings or video them.

  • ACM meetings during semesters: move to another room is an option

  • Possibility of eliminating the borrowing system in place with the soda and candy machine.

  • Being stricter about the borrowing

Summer Meetings and Misc:

  • Next Tuesday around 5pm

  • The meetings will be determined on a meeting by meeting basis.